high quality


The company is a spokesperson and protagonist of the "Made in Italy" style, offering its customers products and solutions high quality level. For this G.P. Arredo e Design collaborates with the best companies and artisan realities related to the territory for to guarantee tailor-made projects with a unique and functional design and the reliability of 100% Italian products.


G.P. Arredo e Design works with the most prestigious Italian carpentry specialists in furniture for public places: in particular bars, cafes, ice cream parlors, local patisseries for small catering. From the processing of raw wood to the solution finished furniture, the result of the work of the best professionals of wood: all the furnishings are handcrafted in the laboratories of carpentry, combining experience, technology and market trends to create classic, modern or contemporary custom furniture.


Among the partners of G.P. Arredo e Design there are also the best Italian companies producing refrigerated ice cream showcases, bars and pastry shops offering a wide selection and machinery produced in Italian plants, suitable for every need. All models they are designed to guarantee an excellent exposure and maintenance of ice cream in the pan and of the products from the fridge, with a simple design and essential with flexibility in the choice of colors and custom graphics.


G.P. Arredo e Design also collaborates with the best companies in steel and iron working and other metals for the construction of counters for rooms and furnishings in wrought iron or stainless steel, made with the highest quality standards.


The company also deals with the study of lighting for all the premises that designs and collaborates with the best furniture-lighting companies to guarantee a wide choice of lighting fixtures and modern and innovative lighting design.


For G.P. Arredo e Design finishes are essential to complete a project and make it unique and personalized. For this company uses modern resins and special paints to complete furnishings and finishes of the premises.


G.P. Arredo e Design also uses special materials to create trendy furniture and personal style such as: Corian coatings, quartz agglomerate, porcelain stoneware, agglomerated and plastic materials, plasterboard, etc.